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The Glamorgan Table – No orders at this time due to peak capacity


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  • Who buys Celtic Forest ?
  • Are you safe for kids ?

    All Celtic Forest wood products have been carefully sanded and smoothed for children, and adults, safety. We make sure there are no hard or sharp edges on any of our products.

  • What about wet weather care ?

    Our furniture is made for the outside and are meant to be outside in rain and sun. You don’t need to cover them in the Winter months and after a storm all you need to do is simply wipe down your garden furniture with a cloth.

    Our furniture is all weather furniture, you don’t need to cover it up or bring it inside. No matter the severity of the weather.

  • Why we charge to personalise ?

    We charge  to personalise your product because it takes time for us to manage the products lazering process, lay out the design (the font and message and graphic elements) and add coloured paint into the shapes. It does take some attention and therefore time.

    We also charge if you have uploaded your own design and/or photograph. Here we need to make sure the artwork is lazer ready and this involves graphic design software and filters to optimise the image.

  • Why some items have delivery fees ?

    We charge a delivery fee for all of our furniture to arrive fully assembled, leaving you free to enjoy your handmade purchase and not have to worry about self-assembly.

    Your order will either be delivered by our own 2 man delivery team or, our trusted delivery partner. Delivery is to kerbside but an additional charge can be discussed for delivery to your chosen location.

    You can also opt to collect the furniture yourself, but we recommend using a van or trailer to do so. We will be more happy to load the furniture onto your vehicle if required.

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  • Why shop with us ?

    Celtic Forest care about the products we create. They are handmade and crafted by people with experience and traditional skills. We are a small business who are developing new design and innovation from our home in South Wales. We use the finest Oak and other Welsh woods to make our ideas. We make them to order and believe in tradition, sustainability and British made quality.

Limited Production Only 10 Dining Tables

The Glamorgan table is a unique statement piece for the right home and a true expression of highly skilled artisan craft and design. The table has been inspired by the great British Oak tree and has been created specifically for the special availability of the finest Welsh Burr Oak.

The table wood is one single, complete, piece of Welsh Burr Oak. This special wood has a very limited availability and so we can only produce 10 of the Glamorgan tables. The wood has been found to work to this special design concept. We have a first come and first served, made to order, requirement.

This tabletop is very beautiful and at the same time is also a functional piece that can be used every day for spectacular dinner parties and family gatherings.

The stainless steel table legs are organic roots that intertwine around one another to form the tables central trunk. The top branches support a magnificent, single section, of solid 350 year old Welsh Burr Oak. Hand forged in Hereford by our friends at the “The Old Forge” it takes one whole week to handcraft the tree root legs.

The tabletop keeps its organic “living edge” and much of the natural characteristics of the Burr Oak are maintained. To achieve these results we utilise various woodworking tools and methods that have remained unchanged for several decades.

The tabletop has been planed by hand to achieve a perfect level. After which 9 layers of hand sanding, on each side, are worked to make the wood perfectly smooth. Then the tabletop is ready for our special blend of hard wearing, and liquid resistant, all natural wax and oil.

The height is approximately 31 Inches, perfect for sitting and eating and for wheel chair access.

Additional design elements can be added to the leg design such as adding leaves or flowers as the customer prefers.

The final finish for the tabletop is completely food safe and will last for a very long time before a new application of wax or wood oil would be required. All you need to do is clean and polish as you would normally.

Available in 4 sizes: 6ft, 7ft, 8ft & 9ft.

All prices include our Celtic Forest white glove delivery service.


Weight & Dimensions
6 Seater Dining Table:
6ft Long    34 – 44 Wide x 31 High     Weight 200kg
8 Seater Dining Table:
7ft Long    34 – 44 Wide x 31 High     Weight 225kg
10 Seater Dining Table:
8ft Long    34 – 44 Wide x 31 High     Weight 250kg
12 Seater Dining Table:
9ft Long    34 – 44 Wide x 31 High     Weight 275kg

+Dimensions are in feet & Inches
Please note : All weights and dimensions are not 100% accurate. Each product item is unique and may vary from one to the next. Available only in Welsh Burr Oak. At least 2 inches thick of solid Welsh wood. Extremely durable and able to take decades of use. Our recommended natural wood finish is Oil. Our Oak wood preservation product has been handmade in Devon and combines all natural ingredients


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