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Carmarthen Classic


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  • Who buys Celtic Forest ?
  • Are you safe for kids ?

    All Celtic Forest wood products have been carefully sanded and smoothed for children, and adults, safety. We make sure there are no hard or sharp edges on any of our products.

  • What about wet weather care ?

    Our furniture is made for the outside and are meant to be outside in rain and sun. You don’t need to cover them in the Winter months and after a storm all you need to do is simply wipe down your garden furniture with a cloth.

    Our furniture is all weather furniture, you don’t need to cover it up or bring it inside. No matter the severity of the weather.

  • Why we charge to personalise ?

    We charge  to personalise your product because it takes time for us to manage the products lazering process, lay out the design (the font and message and graphic elements) and add coloured paint into the shapes. It does take some attention and therefore time.

    We also charge if you have uploaded your own design and/or photograph. Here we need to make sure the artwork is lazer ready and this involves graphic design software and filters to optimise the image.

  • Why some items have delivery fees ?


  • Like to customise your products ?
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  • Why shop with us ?

    Celtic Forest care about the products we create. They are handmade and crafted by people with experience and traditional skills. We are a small business who are developing new design and innovation from our home in South Wales. We use the finest Oak and other Welsh woods to make our ideas. We make them to order and believe in tradition, sustainability and British made quality.

Description and Dimensions

The Carmarthen Classic combines two comfortable Carmarthen benches and a finely crafted table. The Carmarthen Classic is a fine example of both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing Welsh wood garden furniture.

Created with traditional methods, and based upon an evolution of design and construction, this pleasing group retains the features of the solid Welsh wood. The woods own natural direction of grain increases both strength and the aesthetics.

The Carmarthen benches are designed to be at the optimum fixed height for most body types and have 3ft, 4ft or 5ft long options. The smallest size will happily sit 2 adults, or 3 children, comfortably. The table is robust, well made, can support huge load and can be simply wiped down after use. A central umbrella hole can be added, without charge, as required. Your umbrella will connect through to the sturdy support base under the table. The table, like it’s partner benches and chairs, are hand crafted for form and for function.

Weights & Dimensions
Oak Small:
1 x 5ft long table    28-32 wide x 30-32 high    Weight 85kg
2 x 3ft long benches    23 wide x 34 high    Weight 70kg (35kg per bench)
Oak Medium:
1 x 6ft long table    28-32 wide x 30-32 high    Weight 100kg
2 x 4ft long benches    23 wide x 34 high    Weight 100kg (50kg per bench)
Oak Large:
1 x 7ft coffee table    28-32 wide x 30-32 high    Weight 120kg
2 x 5ft long benches    23 wide x 34 high    Weight 130kg (65kg per bench)
Larch Small:
1 x 5ft long table    28-32 wide x 30-32 high    Weight 65kg
2 x 3ft long benches    23 wide x 34 high    Weight 60kg (30kg per bench)
Larch Medium:
1 x 6ft long table    28-32 wide x 30-32 high    Weight 80kg
2 x 4ft long benches    23 wide x 34 high    Weight 80kg (40kg per bench)
Larch Large:
1 x 7ft long table    28-32 wide x 30-32 high    Weight 95kg
2 x 5ft long benches    23 wide x 34 high    Weight 100kg (50kg per bench)

Dimensions are in feet and inches. These are standard sizes however we can customise this product to your specific requirements. All weights and dimensions are not 100% accurate.  Each product item is unique and may vary from one to the next.

Available in Welsh Larch & Oak Wood.

Our furniture is all weather furniture, you don’t need to cover it up or bring it inside. No matter the severity of the weather.

At least 2 inches thick of solid Welsh wood. Extremely durable & withstands decades of use.

Our recommended organic wood finish for Oak is an oil and wax blend. This is a mixture of Linseed and Tung oil. This is our own unique recipe of natural Linseed and Tung oil and waxes.

Each piece of furniture has the finish applied by hand. Both wood finishes for Larch and Oak offer protection from rot, decay and UV rays.

We charge a delivery fee for all of our furniture to arrive fully assembled, leaving you free to enjoy your handmade purchase and not have to worry about self assembly.

Due to the design of our furniture, we do have to deliver them fully assembled. Don’t worry, your paying for our  ‘White Glove’ delivery service. This means we will deliver the furniture directly to your garden or  your  chosen location. You don’t need to do anything apart from enjoy the furniture once we have left.

You can also opt to collect the furniture yourself, but we recommend using a van or trailer to do so. We will be more than happy to load the furniture onto your vehicle if required.

Please make sure there is sufficient space and access for us to make the delivery. The dimensions of each garden set are displayed to help you decide if you need our ‘Assemble on Site’ service.





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